I. Charles McCullough Testimonials

Changed my view of lawyers forever

Chuck is not only an intelligent person and extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of my type of case, but he was also the most compassionate and thorough lawyer I have ever worked with. He spent the time needed to ensure he completely understood my case and made sure he anticipated every boundary or question that might come up. He was right in every instance and I felt fully prepared to answer the questions that were asked of me when the time came. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a true gem among stones.

~ A. (U.S. Government)

Intelligence and law enforcement background at a senior level combine to create a unique set of skills to resolve issues.

I contacted Mr. McCullough based on a strong referral from a senior official within the Inspector General and intelligence community. The issues included law enforcement issues and the resolution of background and clearance matters with strong equities in both the Executive and Legislative branches. The direct first hand experience of Mr. McCullough with key players and his historical knowledge of institutional processes was invaluable in gaining insight in developing a strategy on how to frame legal issues and leverage opportunities.

~ A. (U.S. Government)

Brilliant Attorney

Not only is Chuck a brilliant attorney, he’s genuinely kind, compassionate, and down-to-earth. While I’m certain he had countless other cases, he was always readily available and responsive in answering my questions and addressing my concerns regarding my security clearance matter. Every single interaction with him was an absolute pleasure.

I have no doubt that my security clearance would not have been favorably adjudicated without Chuck’s expertise and diligence. He worked *so* hard on my case. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and admiration I have for Chuck.

~ S. (U.S. Government)

From Tom Devine, Counsel, Government Accountability Project

Chuck McCullough is the gold standard for expertise, professional responsibility and commitment to national security whistleblowers. To the surprise of all in the good government community, his leadership made the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Office of Inspector General (OIG) one of the Executive branch’s most effective resources for whistlelowers.

~ Tom Devine, Government Accountability Project (GAP)

Proven Expertise in Federal Investigative Process

I have consulted with Chuck McCullough on the Federal investigation process. His experience as an FBI agent, lawyer, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations and Inspector General provided valuable insights into interrogatories used in interviews, legal rights, legal proceedings and due process. I am very grateful to him for his help and know that I can trust him and rely on him for sage advice.

~ A. (U.S. Government)

Highly personalized and professional service, utilizing large network and prior experiences to get positive result

Personalized work done with large prior network and extensive work experience in the federal employment area I needed. He was clearly invested in my case throughout and it resulted in a positive outcome.

~ A. (U.S. Government)

Probationary termination dispute

Mr. McCullough disputed a termination during a probationary period claim. I could not have asked for a more helpful, diligent, and honest lawyer for my case. Mr. McCullough has vast background with different federal agencies as well as internal legal experience.

There was never a doubt in my mind that I had hired the best lawyer for my case. I would hire him again in an instant. You can tell that he truly cares about your case.

~ N. (U.S. Government)

Outstanding Attorney

Chuck is an outstanding attorney who leaves no stone unturned for his clients. His deep experience and broad knowledge are essential to his ability to get results for his clients. I highly recommend him.

~ C. (U.S. Government)

An attorney with the right experience and a personal touch

Exactly what I needed

Mr. McCullough was a great help in cutting through the governmental red tape that stalled my return to my job. My case dealt with me being wrongfully suspended from federal service with DoD. Yes, I would recommend his services to anyone with like circumstances.

~ A. (U.S. Government)

Chuck McCullough – Expert Legal Representation on my Federal Employment Case

I was immediately impressed by Mr. McCullough’s depth of legal knowledge concerning this particular area of law. Mr. McCullough asked pertinent and relevant questions to establish the facts in my case. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of Federal employment statutes as well as security clearance issues. He represented me with vigor and tenacity to my management, the attorneys representing my agency and the personnel security manager involved in my case. Mr. McCullough was always available to answer any and all of my concerns or questions, promptly returning every single phone call or e-mail. He frequently contacted me to update me on developments on my case and to report conversations with the cognizant parties involved. In addition to his thorough knowledge of Federal employment law, Mr. McCullough exhibited an extraordinary degree of personal concern and empathy for me as an individual. I found this genuine concern to be instrumental in maintaining a positive outlook during a very difficult and trying time in my life. His meticulous legal work was instrumental in obtaining a highly favorable outcome to my employment case. It was a pleasure and an asset to have him represent me.

~ H. (U.S. Government)

He is the best!!

Mr. McCullough is an expert in his field, he had definite answers to my questions. He was generous with his time. Most importantly, he genuinely cares about his clients! And, I highly recommend him!

~ A. (U.S. Government)


The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case. Prior results, including successful judgments and settlements, do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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