Firm Overview & Practice Areas

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Firm Overview

Compass Rose Legal Group has a diverse practice area tailored to former, current, and prospective civilian federal employees, defense contractors, members of our active duty and reserve military, and journalists. The firm’s foundation rests on its proven experience and professionalism while zealously providing legal representation for its clients. Notably, it’s attorneys are uniquely qualified to perform in these areas, having years of experience working on such matters within the Federal Government as well as the private sector.

Practice Areas

The firm’s practice areas include the following:

Security Clearance and Polygraph

  • SF-85 (Public Trust)/SF-86 (Security Clearance) Application Guidance
  • Formal response to Denials, Suspensions of Access to Classified Information, and Revocation of Security Clearance (ie. formal response to the Statement of Reasons/Letter of Intent).
  • Appeals before relevant Department or Agency Appeals Boards, such as at the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).

Whistleblower Representation

Federal Employment Law

  • Including matters before the Merit Systems Protection Board and Appellate Courts

Criminal and Administrative Investigations

  • Federal Criminal Investigations
  • Federal Administrative Investigations
  • Office of Inspector General Investigations
  • Office of Professional Responsibility Investigations
  • Congressional Ethics and Oversight Investigations
  • Corporate Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations

Congressional Investigations

  • Congressional Ethics and Oversight Investigations

Government & Media Relations

  • Executive Branch
  • Congress
    • Including Congressional Testimony

Freedom of Information Act and Pre-Publication Guidance

The Compass Rose Financial Debt Recovery Program

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