Andrew Bakaj Testimonials

Outstanding Security Clearance Attorney

Andrew was able to assist me with a sensitive security clearance matter and achieved great results, allowing me to stay in a job that I love. I was struck by his professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and response time. He provided clear expectations and great support and leadership throughout the process. I received feedback from the reviewing official that the package that he put together was “impressive”. Overall, I would give Andrew the highest recommendation possible!

~ J. (U.S. Government Agency, Security Clearance)

An Attorney Who Goes Above And Beyond

I have worked with and used several attorneys over the years. Just like any profession, you have people that are horrible and some that are decent, but every once in awhile you find someone who goes above and beyond. Andrew Bakaj is that attorney. Several months ago, I ran into an issue while being hired for a new position that required a Top Secret Clearance. Immediately Andrew was attentive to each phone call and question I had. My response had a deadline of two weeks and he was able to get an extension immediately and then kept in contact with me while he prepared my paperwork. Eventually, it worked out and I was awarded favorably. I know that this would not of been obtained without Andrew’s help. I highly recommend him.

~ Jeremy (U.S. Government Agency, Suitability & Security Clearance)

A Brilliant Attorney with a Big Heart

Mr. Bakaj not only is an intelligent attorney but also a valuable Subject-Matter-Expert in his field specifically on security clearance, PPD-19 / DTM 13-008, intelligence community, and Department of Defense cases. Also, he is a very honest person who has a big heart with oozing integrity. Even though he is currently a private practice attorney, he is in fact a “public servant at heart.” After I perceived that my previous legal representative was very dishonest and stealing my financial resources. I started reading articles on Google search regarding my convoluted case to help myself that lead to Mr. Bakaj’s website. My Dad collapsed and passed away due to my gloomy situation. Perhaps, an Angel from Heaven guided me to locate his website. At that time, I was absolutely not trusting to anyone. I contacted him out of curiosity. Mr. Bakaj exhibited his extraordinary talents by rapidly fathomed the complexities of my situation and able to provide me with immediate insight. Moreover, he was sincerely helpful to me. He took over my case while my former attorney was in the work of playing dirty. Fortunately, he caught him on the act. He took the time to develop strategic methods to win my case.

Mr. Bakaj always courteous and very focus, making me feel that my case was the only special thing being handled by his firm, when in reality I was possibly one of the hundreds of clients. As a result, he was very successful in assisting me to prevail my case. My family members, friends, and colleagues were very impressed of him. Mr. Bakaj will use his expertise and knowledge to help those he believes will benefit to the greater good of this Nation. Therefore, I would highly recommend him to those who desire to win!

~ A. (Department of Defense, Security Clearance & Whistleblower Reprisal)

Many, Many Thanks!

Mr. Bakaj and his staff were very professional and efficient. I was treated fairly and with the utmost respect. I greatly appreciate the care for my case and the hard work put in.

~ M. (Department of Defense, Security Clearance)

Great Security Clearance Attorney

I retained Andrew for a snag I hit on my security clearance for a job with a government agency. I nearly lost a prospective job over initial disclosures I had to make at the beginning of the clearance process. I called a number of large DC area firms who claim to specialize in these matters, but I wasn’t given much confidence they cared about my case– in fact most of them wrote my case off as an impossibility. Andrew however, took a more personal interest and showed he was able to devote more time and care to my case, though he admitted it was a long shot.

He helped me build an incredibly strong appeals package that we submitted to the agency in question, and put much more care and attention to detail into it than I feel I would have gotten elsewhere. His extra hard work paid off– the agency overturned their initial decision and re-awarded my position to me! I don’t think this happens often for a person in my position. In fact I know it doesn’t. Because of the effort, personal interest, and attention to detail that Andrew put into my case, I was able to keep a job that I otherwise would have lost. You can’t ask for a better investment in an attorney than that.

~ Chris (Department of State, Suitability & Security Clearance)

Outstanding Legal Service

I asked Mr. Bakaj to represent me in a sensitive matter involving the Federal government based on his prior experience. He was everything a person could hope for in counsel: he cares; he listens; he gets to the heart of the issue & identifies the necessary actions; he puts a plan in place; and he works with the client to prepare & conduct the necessary activities with no doubt whatsoever he’s there for you 100%. We were successful in our effort, and I have no doubt that without his lead, it probably would’ve been a different outcome. I would ask for his help again in a second and recommend him without reservation.

~ Tim (Department of Homeland Security, Security Clearance)

Second to None

I reached out to Mr. Bakaj regarding an appeal I needed to file with a prospective employer when my career was at a crossroads; I had my best post-MBA career option hit a hurdle, and I was grateful for how Mr. Bakaj handled the case every step of the way including (but not limited to):

(1) Accessibility – Mr. Bakaj not only was available when I reached out to him, often I found I did not need to because he would preemptively get ahold of me and the updates were thorough and frequent;

(2) Action Items – when I needed to assemble materials, documents, or craft statements, Mr. Bakaj streamlined the process with what he had, or alternatively, his instructions were crystal clear and did not create any issues with respect to ambiguity;

(3) Expertise – Mr. Bakaj’s professional experience that he was able to draw on was profound and directly relevant to the case; additionally, his subject matter knowledge of the underlying law, administrative policies, and previous case experience made him an asset;

(4) Network and additional resources – Mr. Bakaj has relationships with other subject matter experts, and in one instance, consulted with an attorney I had already heard of by reputation from an external source. His ability to harness the experience of additional professionals served to strengthen my eventual appeal. In such a specialized field, this proved invaluable.

(5) Genuine passion – Mr. Bakaj maintained enough of a detached presence that I was comfortable with his professionalism and ability to execute the appeal and advise with all the credibility and strength professional representation offers; however, beyond that, was a genuine interest in client outcomes and a passion for the underlying work and law.

Ultimately, Mr. Bakaj capitalizes on a strong network, previous professional experience, tremendous case and legal experience, and a sincere desire to crush it on behalf of those he represents; I could not recommend him strongly enough, and even in the course of vetting representation, I would encourage anyone reading this to take advantage of his initial consultation—even if you go in another direction, his insight will prove most helpful.

~ Michael (FBI, Polygraph)

Outstanding Service!!

I would highly recommend Mr. Bakaj to anybody in need of legal representation. I called him and I was immediately impressed. I’m grateful for finding him. He was able to answer all of my questions and keep me posted in every step of the way. He is very professional, smart, well informed and diligent.

~ M. (Department of Defense Contractor)

Stellar Attorney, Will Call Again For Consult/Hire

Andrew provided excellent assistance in understanding the security investigation process and eased any concerns I had over the course of my investigation. Andrew made himself available to me and answered all of my questions in a reasonable and timely fashion.

~ U.S. Government Official

Impeccable Service to Preserve Security Clearance

I contacted Andrew seeking representation to formally respond to a Department or Navy Letter of Intent to revoke my security clearance. We quickly established a meeting to go over the particulars of my situation; he was attentive and sympathetic.

~Gary (Department of Defense)

Thoughtful, clear and compassionate legal advice

I contacted Andrew on a legal matter that was very important to my family and extraordinarily time sensitive. Andrew provided clear, concise and helpful advice that was so important to my family. He did so with compassion. His advice helped us advert a huge legal problem.

~ U.S. Government Official

Amazing response time and professionalism!

I contacted Andrew about an immigration law matter. My mother-in-law wanted to come over from Ukraine to see her first grand-child’s baptism and we really needed the help with the baby. This was a crucial family event and Skype alone seems like a Band-Aid… at best…

Andrew immediately understood what I was doing wrong with the B-2 visa application process and how it all works. It really helps that he actually worked in a US embassy and knew what the interviews were about. Andrew drafted a letter better explaining my situation and that my mother-in-law would return in a timely and legal manner. After going through the entire interview process, the individuals in the embassy granted her the B-2 visa right after they saw and read the letter that was prepared for me.

I’ve known Andrew for a long time and this experience has only underlined the following points for me:

  • Professional – Andrew treated this issue from start to finish like the immaculate professional that he is. He listened to what I had to say and got down to working on the tasks that make a difference.
  • He takes ownership of an issue – This matter was handled from start to finish with the express purpose of receiving a successful result from the US embassy in Kyiv. I loved that part of the process.
  • Quick turnaround – Andrew understood that time was a premium and he quickly jumped on the matter to get something completed. We literally had 3 days between when I got in touch with Andrew and the interview, this was down to the wire.

I HIGHLY recommend Andrew Bakaj! Had it not been for him we would have had a much more difficult time in trying to organize and plan the baptism of our baby boy and my wife’s mom would have missed the entire affair. Given the opaque bureaucracy of the entire visa process, this is the best possible result that we could have expected!

~ Andrew S. (Department of State)


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