Criminal & Administrative Investigations

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Investigation: criminal or administrative, it is never a pleasant experience. Whether you are the “subject” of the investigation or simply a witness, always speak with an attorney before meeting with an investigator or Special Agent. Speaking with counsel is self-evident when the matter is criminal, but individuals and corporations must be wary of the administrative investigation as well. It is not uncommon for an investigation to begin as an administrative proceeding only to result with issues that implicate the criminal code. Furthermore, while an individual may believe their cooperation with the investigation is simply as a witness, it takes little effort for investigators, Special Agents, and the Department of Justice to change the designation from “witness” to “subject” to “target”.

Compass Rose is highly experienced with investigations. The firm’s Managing Attorney, Andrew P. Bakaj, conducted, led, and managed criminal and administrative investigations. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Bakaj is trained as a Special Agent by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA – the gold standard in criminal investigation. The firm knows investigative tactics and what investigators and Special Agents can and cannot do. Accordingly, the advice and guidance the firm provides is comprehensive.

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