The Compass Rose Financial Debt Recovery Program

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Statistically, one of the foremost reasons federal employees, federal contractors, and members of our active duty and reserve military experience adverse security clearance actions or adverse federal employment suitability determinations is because of financial concerns. In order to help our clients who find themselves in such a position, the firm has created the Compass Rose Financial Debt Recovery Program.

This program facilitates our ability to negotiate and attempt to resolve financial debt matters on behalf of our clients. This is critical as the firm prepares to mitigate the Federal Government’s concerns about our client’s financial history vis a vis their ability to obtain or maintain a security clearance and federal employment. Given that a large proportion of adverse security clearance actions (as well as federal employment suitability actions) are based on financial concerns, we can achieve a two-fold net positive result: our ability to restructure the financial health of our clients, and the ability to obtain a favorable security clearance/federal employment suitability determination.

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