Security Clearance Attorneys

Andrew P. Bakaj, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Andrew Bakaj is a former federal attorney and criminal investigator who brings a history of distinguished service to the firm. This experience enables the firm to represent individuals in adverse security clearance actions, whistleblower activities, and individuals, corporations, and organizations who are facing criminal and/or administrative investigations. Notably, his background as a subject-matter expert in whistleblower reprisal investigations makes him uniquely qualified to represent individuals who have experienced retaliatory action as a result of lawfully engaging in protected activity—whistleblower reprisal—particularly when the action involves a security clearance. Moreover, he is a leading expert in security clearance matters. In his professional capacities, Andrew has advised and counseled numerous senior U.S. Government officials in a variety of legal and investigative areas.

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Erik M. Helbing, Esq.

Of Counsel

Erik Helbing is the founding principal of Helbing Law LLC, a practice specializing exclusively in consumer rights, which includes foreclosure defense, credit collection defense, and bankruptcy.  Having represented countless clients in numerous complex consumer rights matters, his experience and dedication ensures the best possible outcome for his clients and their families.  Accordingly, Erik’s depth of knowledge and experience in these areas is an asset to Compass Rose Legal Group, and his counsel and expertise is appropriately leveraged by the firm.

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